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Monday, September 6, 2010

Anyone enjoy their job now??

How many people in this world did really enjoy what they do for living? are you?? why i raised up this issue.. yes.. me myself feel that i'm not enjoying what i'm doing rite now.. a phrased said "does professional footballers work or play?? " mm.. yeah at first, they like and love to play football.. but when it come to that they have to play, the excitement of playing the game will down..

we have to ask ourself what do we really love to do.. beside love to do the job, one more q's that come to my mind, how many people used what they learn in their life?? as example, i was grade in accounting.. but my job now doesn't used what I've learn.. all the consolidated account, cash flow, and a lot of thing that I've learn during my degree doesn't have any related with my job rite now..

"al-ilmu bila amalin, ka shajaratin mina samarin" knowledge without being used is just like a tree without a fruit.. actually, i'm not that much like account, thats why after grade i'm not eager to work as an accountant.. but the system push me to take that course.. after SPM, when i have to choose what course is meant best to me, i have to based on the result.. so when the best result is account, so i have to go that way although i'm not that much into it..

a lot of people nowadays are facing this situation.. i believe in that otherwise they will be nobody cheated in their job.. always do something else during their works.. i know there is also people that really love their job..


Anonymous said...

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Naz said...

Bad, u r not the only one who feel that way. Frankly speaking, i hate my job. Selepas 4 tahun dalam servis aku dah dapat rasa yang kerja p*d ni mmg lngsung x kena dgn jiwa aku. Seriously aku berharap akan ada peluang2 yg lebih baik di luar sana sbb I can't wait to leave the service

papaYA said...

Same here..
I'm a technical person, I want to do technical stuff, in the labbbbb...
I miss the lab so freaking bad...
During shitty time, I always wonder, what happen if I chose the road not taken..


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