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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bz month again..

I'm not expected that this month will be the most bz month.. but then when i've found out that i have to handle 2 unit .. mylife go hairwire.. now i have to handle unit tatatertib and latihan.. tatatertib is easy coz i've been doin that punishing people thing since 2004.. but for latihan.. i've to start from zero to hero.. hihihi.. but now i start to love what im doing in latihan.. and pray that if there is a replacement.. my boss will handover the unit tatatertib to him or her..

1st week - 2 - 5 *convocation DPA 
6 - work for one day only

2nd week- 10 - 13 * KMK at Kuantan
         15 (Sunday) - have to work to finished up paper work

3rd week- 16 - 19 * giving ceramah tatatertib to Pengetua Kedah at Ipoh
    20 - work for one day

4th week- 23 & 24 * meeting at PUTRAJAYA
25-27 - can work now for 3 day

5th week- 29 - 2/4 * attend courses at Sarawak

total work days in office - 6 days including holidays

despite of all those schedule.. i found out that im enjoying my job.. and always looking forward to learn new thing in latihan..

just feel pity on my son and my wife coz rarely seen me .. i've bring them to ipoh for a week coz being a lecturer.. im entitled for single room.. 

whatever it is friends.. enjoy yor work!! enjoy yor life!!.. if u r not enjoy it.. just quit!! hehehe..

"Ask not what yor country can do for u, ask what u can do to yor country"

chiao.. ma'asalamah

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sad News..

Its been a very busy day in my life lately.. busy or just make myself busy.. haha.. but seriously i've just gone tghrough a bad day ...

after the convocation rehearsal which everybody know nonesense.. really poor event management by them who are claim master in event management.. huh!.. cannot tell too much or else.. 'kena gam'.. on the 4th of march at about 7pm.. i'm driving home towards kangar from alor setar.. when we reach at kangar.. my wife told me that she feel pain in her stomach.. (FYI my wife was pregnant 2 months).. but a few days b4 that.. my wife was bleeding.. it was cause by the aggresiveness of my only son.. he accidently bump with my wife stomach.. so i really worried bout that.. 

back to the story at kangar.. kangar is a small town.. with a very slow development.. after my wife complaint bout her pain.. we start to find a clinic.. form one to another.. but we was upset becoz.. when we go to the clinic.. most of them.. said.. 'no doctor.. doc not coming yet'.. arggh.. my wife was in pain.. !!.. luckily we find one clinic.. sedhu clinic..  the doc ask us to go to the emergency at hospital.. 

so.. we go to the hospital.. after waiting for about 1/2 hour "lucky me coz not many patient that time".. my wife go by herself inside the checkup room.. i have to take care my son.. after a few minutes.. my wife go out.. she said that the doc want her to send her urine to the pato lab behind.. 

hmm.. have to take by ourself.. what hospital attendant do?? so we send it to the lab.. after we get the result.. we go back to the doc.. a few minutes later.. my wife came out with a prescibe.. so she take the med.. she tell me that the doc suspect her have 'batu karang'.. what?? she said again that the doc does not check her stomach at all.. huh.. but what can we do.. he is the doc.. just follow lah what he tell..

after taken the medcine.. my wife still suffer pain inside her stomach and bleeding..  then .. on friday 6th of march.. around 4.30pm.. while i was in meeting.. my wife sms me that a lot of blood came out..  immediately after finish the meeting.. around 7pm.. i take my wife to the clinic.. we dont want to go to hospital.. govn hospital...!! so we go to klinik balqis.. we have to wait till 8.30pm.. the dr gone out for rest.. after check up.. the dr still cannot confirm either my wife "keguguran" or not.. he write a letter and refer my wife to the klinik kesihatan kangar..

so the next morning we have to go to klinik kesihatan kangar... the dr look like an experience one.. after a few check up.. touch here and there.. he said that better my wife admit to ward coz in hospital they can do scan.. so.. he write a letter and we just go straight away to ward..

after i show the reference letter to the BDM "Bilik Daftar Masuk".. the clerk there look like "acuh tak acuh je".. but when he ask my wife husband job.. govn officer.. and he print the GL from the system.. his attitude suddenly changed.. why ek??

i ask for 1st class ward.. but full.. so my wife have to be admit in 3rd class.. its really pack.. the ward should put only 4 bed.. but end up with 6 bed.. so they scan my wife almost 3 times.. and they still said that not confirmed.. 

so the next day.. my wife want to go back home.. so we ask for discharge.. after a few days.. the blood still coming out.. sikit2.. 

on 10th march.. i have to attend a course in kuantan, pahang.. so i left my wife and son at my father's house in alor setar.. then on 11th march.. my wife call me tell that.. its really gone out.. she can see the physical of that janin.. sooo sad.. luckily there was my father.. my father buried the janin... and send my wife to KMC.. so they 'cuci' inside my wife 'rahim'.. 

hmm.. my second child.. may Allah bless him or her.. even just 2 month.. i feel very indeed in love with him or her..


Thursday, March 5, 2009

JusT LifE..

hmm.. dunno where to start.. where to begin..
there is always a start to and come to the finish..
and there is always a beginning and come to the end..

what happen always leave a thousand q's..
what happen always have a thousand reason..
what happen always lead to something..

something that u dunno..
something that u never guess..
something that u never dream..

dream for miracle to happen..
dream for everything to be great..
dream for joy and happiness..

thats' life..


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