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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hj. Hassan Saad.. Selamat Kembali ke Rahmatullah


I've received a call from my dad bout 5.30 am dis morning telling me dat my grand father has passed away dis morning bout 2.30 am at his house in Kuala Nerang, Kedah.. according to da buried permit, da coz of death was Barah Angin.. actually tok wan has suffered from an unexplained sickness for a few month b4.. his leg has to be cut off be coz the virus or should i say bacteria has effected and damage his foot.. its look like gangren.. so doc suggested that his leg have to be cut off.. and after that he always feel not well and his apetite turn off.. untill yesterday his situation become worse when he cannot eat anything at all..
so, everything has been gone as easy as he goes.. alhamdulillah.. when at the cemetery site, although its already 12.00 pm.. weather is still good .. so... friends.. please pray for my tok wan being placed on da side of org beriman... insyaallah.. amin..


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

2 Bukit 1 Batang

Wow!! what an unexpected results!! (or expected?? hehe).. everybody want to talk bout dis election.. same goes to me. just want to wrote something in my blog regarding dis big event. BN has take the batang whereas PR take da bukit. after a year PAS ruled the state of Kedah, its seems that people still believe that PAS is relevant to continue build up their legacy. as time goes by, a lot of hair wire issue burst out in govt party. what happen? maybe its time for the new leadership to take up the challenge to win back people heart. 
politics..politics.. seems like everybody now can talk politics. they have their own prediction. their own judgement. just wanna share with u all this interesting concept that they said bout choosing a PM. it was a theory named as RAHMAN theory. PM of Malaysia will come from people that have name start with those letter. 1st PM, Tunku Abd. Rahman. 2nd PM, Tun Abd Razak. 3rd Tun Hussein Onn, 4th Tun Dr. Mahathir, 5th Tun Abdullah, and 6th Dato' Seri Najib. correct or not?
but in the mahathir era, when tun Musa are the deputy, people that believe in this theory said that Musa will not become the PM although many believe that in that time there is 2M power that boost out Malaysia. then Musa resign, its come to prove that dis theory are truth when Tun Abd. Ghaffar Baba step up to be the deputy. they said that Ghaffar will be next PM. but then same goes to ghaffar. then, come the An War.. yes.. people believed that this is the next PM. who know.. pop! he's been sacked!! then, last, Mahathir appointed Pak Lah to be the 5th PM.. wow! its prove that this theory are true. then after Pak Lah.. whose next? if according to RAHMAN theory, Najib is the most suitable guy.. yes.. Najib have completed that theory..
so... what's next?? who can predicted?.. i just read out this Kudakepang blog written by Datuk Ruhanie Ahmad. i respected dis guy becoz even he is UMNO .. he did not like other UMNO, if what UMNO did is wrong, he will direct tell it. i've enjoy reading his blog. thank u datuk. actually his daugther is  my friend during my U era. long time no see Jaja. ok back to da topic. datuk said that there will be a theory of HAMKA! which was Hishamuddin, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Mukhriz, Khairy, and A? doesn't know yet..
but there is also a theory that said the next PM will follow the ex-PM which mean the PM son will be the PM but then who is Tunku Abd. Rahman son? will it be like Najib, Hishamuddin, Mukhriz, Khairy?? hmm.. any other opinion? PM from opposition may be?? hehe
what ever it is... Peace No War.


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