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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Thanks to PLUS Patrol Man!!

This post is dedicated to two PLUS Patrol man which have shown great commitment in doing their job helping me in a very critical situation last week..
Last week i was on my way back to Shah Alam visitting my parents in law.. it was my habit which like to make a journey during nite.. so after break fast, i start my journey heading south using PLUS highway.. to cut the story short, it almost 3.15 am and i remember that my last sign board stated that tanjung malim was 10km to go, then suddenly 'booom'.. heard that somethin blow and im quite sure that it was my front tyre.. lucky me that i still can control it although i was driving at 150 km/h..
i park my car aside.. it was my right front tyre, so.. i dont dare to change it myself in the middle of nite.. lorry and treler are moving fast in that lane.. being have heard a lot of accident story, im quickly ask my wife and son to get out of the car and stand behind the bar.. while im trying to call PLUS help..
in about 20 minutes, a highway patrol came and help me changing my flat tyre,.. it was a little bit hard when the flat tyre was stuck and didn't came out.. but the patrol man manage to do it..
so.. one more time i would like to say thank to them.. and becoz of panic, i forgot to ask their name to put in here.. maybe i will rite a letter of appreciation to PLUS later..

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tolong cari buah binjai!!

Assalamualaikum sahabatku sekalian..

Alhamdulillah, finally i will have my second batch insyaallah.. but the thing is that my wife is really mengidam to eat this fruit BINJAI.. so please my friends.. if anybody ever found this fruit please contact me ASAP..

My wife now suffer from a very bad alahan.. everything coming in will come out.. she cannot eat anything.. the one and only she want to eat is this fruit..

Thanks for your kindly cooperation..


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