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Friday, July 16, 2010

The Sopranos : Road to Respect

Just finished playing this game at 3 am dis morning.. pergh.. finally. . for me it was an average rating game .. basically, the game begins with Tony Soprano offering Joey LaRocca, the protagonist, a place in the Mafia. During his first job, he accidentally kills Mario Buscetta, the nephew of Angelo Buscetta. Angelo is the boss of Philadelphia family. Angie sends a hitman to kill Joey, but Joey kills the hitman during a rooftop chase.

Joey going to talk to Paulie at Satriale's.

A few days later, Tony’s son A.J. has a drug deal go bad on him; his partner wasted the drug money, prompting the dealers to kill his partner and steal his dad’s car. Joey retrieves the car and kills one of the dealers, only to have the car stolen by Angie’s men. Tony has Joey retaliate by burning down one of Angie’s businesses.

Joey beating on one of Angie's goons at the docks.

A few days later, Angie returns Tony’s car, completely wrecked, and containing Joey’s girlfriend, Trichelle, beaten and raped. Joey vows vengeance. He finds Angie at the docks, where he kills Angie by throwing him off of his yacht.

ok.. finished with this game, now moving to the other game.. hahaha.. Happy Gaming everybody!!


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